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As EU citizens, your children are entitled toattend schoolin anyEU countryunder the same conditionsas nationals of that country.

They have the right to be placed in a class with theirown age group, at theequivalent levelto their class in your country of origin - regardless of their language level.

If you are an EU national migrating to another EU country for work, your children are entitled under EU law to receivefree language tuitionin your new home country to help them adapt to the school system there.

Be aware that the school system in your new home countrymay be very different from what you are used to. In some countries, for example, children are separated very early into academic or vocational streams.

This is why there isno automatic EU-wide recognition of school certificates. In some countries, you must ask the national authorities to recognize your children's school certificates before you can enroll them in a local school.

You will find below a video about technology in education and the school of future from the EU representation in Greece:


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