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Means of action


  • assigning studies and researchs
  • public lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events,
  • producing informative and educational material, by publishing magazine documents and other scientific editions, such as books, albums, monographs etc.
  • establishing committees in the field of study, research and action, which will promote the purposes of the association, 
  • launching the idea of volunteerism and commitment through implementation of relevant actions to promote European policies 
  • contributing to the implementation of programs and activities relating to economic and social development of developing countries, particularly those that affiliate with incentives purposes, as well as with the assistance in case of natural disasters or other emergencies, as the pattern of Law 2731/1999-NGO and the context of the European Treaties indicates,  
  • providing consulting services, and any other kind of protection (written and oral, individual and collective, national and supranational, judicial and extrajudicial) to those whose rights derive from European Union law,
  • establishing departments or branches of the association at regional, national, European and international level, 
  • cooperating with relevant national, European and foreign organizations, as well as participating as a member of federations and larger organizations that serve the same purpose, in order to take joint initiatives and actions,  
  • any other legitimate means, which will be considered by the administrative council, that promotes the objectives of the association.
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