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The 'European Republic' association is a non-profit organisation under the name  «"Kallipolis."».

At an era when the idea of ​​uniting the people of Europe is experiencing its largest post-war crisis, losing much of its original prestige, students, researchers and citizens who still believe in its tractive power, took the initiative to join forces helping with speech and action initiatives to highlight the benefits encompasses the peaceful, democratic and inclusive cooperation of states and citizens in the European Union. The "European Rebublic" aims, through studies, investigations and actions to highlight the need for interconnection of European integration course with timeless principles and values ​​of European culture, in order the European Union to become an ideal state which fully embodies the idea of justice, such as the platonic 'Kallipolis "first revealed. In this context, the "European Rebublic" aims to become a European vehicle of speech and action, calling every citizen, if guided by similar beliefs, to participate in this.


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